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    Coca has been, ancestrally, a sacred leaf. We, the indigenous, have had a profound respect toward it... a respect that includes that we don't "pisar" it (the verb "pisar" means to treat the leaves with a chemical substance, one of the first steps in the production of cocaine). In general, we only use it to acullicar: We chew it during times of war, during ritual ceremonies to salute Mother Earth (the Pachamama) or Father Sun or other Aymara divinities, like the hills. Thus, as an indigenous nation, we have never prostituted Mama Coca or done anything artificial to it because it is a mother. It is the occidentals who have prostituted it. It is they who made it into a drug. This doesn't mean that we don't understand the issue. We know that this plague threatens all of humanity and, from that perspective, we believe that those who have prostituted the coca have to be punished. - former Bolivian guerrilla leader and presidential candidate Felipe Quispe 2002 via Rigorous Intuition (link)

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09 September 2007



Dave Emory is an excellent researcher. His only flaw is that he falls for the phony "political spectrum" con, placing fascism (falsely) opposite communism in classic dialectic. They are both slavery, and were both funded by the same Western financiers. Mussolini edited a socialist newspaper!


Corporations love socialism and environmentalism! They both stifle competition.

Actually big oil started the environmental movement in USA. No new petrol refineries in 30+ years! Despite tripling of traffic!

Another problem with Dave Emory et al is the silly idea that evangelicals are taking over! The NWO/Bushes are complete occultists. Of course they lie about Christianity for the masses, all politicians do that.

And there are games to infiltrate/coopt the evangelicals (CNP is one - Collins brothers at ConspiracyArchive.com; did you know also, WCC was run by a South African BOSS intelligence agent for decades?) and make them servile in the NWO. Same with Catholic church, and the Freemason Saudis, pretending to be Muslim.


The NWO/Bushes are complete occultists.

I'm not exactly one-hundred percent 'sold' on the idea that Bush and his ilk are 'complete occultists.' They are most certainly Zionist 'Christian' Premillenial Dispensationalist Dominionist Corporate Fascists (ie. Tim LaHaye and his idiotic 'Left Behind' series of Apocalyptic fiction). Dominionism, which has its theological roots in Calvinism, contains within it the belief that the preordained (and thus super rich) can collaborate and make alliances with 'evil' elements in society or even commit 'evil' acts themselves in order to advance their distorted agenda.


His only flaw is that he falls for the phony "political spectrum con, placing fascism (falsely) opposite communism in classic dialectic.

Honestly, I don't recall Emory discussing communism vis-à-vis fascism in the way you have framed it here in any of his previous broadcasts. I have other issues with his research, specifically his lack of balance in the handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Including a general disregard for the well documented and long, sordid history of Israeli human rights violations in the Occupied Territories. But at least Emory has admitted that Zionism is a form of fascism, unlike some other extremely shoddy so-called researchers and 'scholars' (antifascist or otherwise) who apparently have never heard of the word 'Zionism.' For example, Dave Neiwert, who is absolutely abysmal and unreadable trash...perfect for mainstream Democrats who love wasting time as the world plunges head-long toward an absurdist gotterdammerung.

Bob Ratzinger

The 1903 mugshot of Benito Mussolini was taken


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