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    Coca has been, ancestrally, a sacred leaf. We, the indigenous, have had a profound respect toward it... a respect that includes that we don't "pisar" it (the verb "pisar" means to treat the leaves with a chemical substance, one of the first steps in the production of cocaine). In general, we only use it to acullicar: We chew it during times of war, during ritual ceremonies to salute Mother Earth (the Pachamama) or Father Sun or other Aymara divinities, like the hills. Thus, as an indigenous nation, we have never prostituted Mama Coca or done anything artificial to it because it is a mother. It is the occidentals who have prostituted it. It is they who made it into a drug. This doesn't mean that we don't understand the issue. We know that this plague threatens all of humanity and, from that perspective, we believe that those who have prostituted the coca have to be punished. - former Bolivian guerrilla leader and presidential candidate Felipe Quispe 2002 via Rigorous Intuition (link)

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29 May 2007



Consider this an 'open thread.'

Hemisphere Creep

I didn't realize Dr. Gene Scott had passed away.

I was very saddened by this.

Do you think his pretty songstress wife can really fill his shoes? Personally, I think she's trying too hard...which may not be a bad thing.


Once I transfer the 'selected material' to the other account, we can continue this very important discussion there...thanks again, Hemisphere Creep. Should be by next week...in the mean time, post away...

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